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Director: Steven Spielberg Cast List: Brody : Roy Scheider Quint : Robert Shaw Hooper : Richard Dreyfuss Ellen Brody : Lorraine Gary Vaughn : Murray Hamilton Meadows : Carl Gottlieb Hendricks : Jeffrey C Kramer Chrissie : Susan Backlinie Cassidy : Jonathan Filley Estuary victim : Ted Grossman Michael Brody : Chris Rebello Sean Brody : Jay Mello Mrs Kintner : Lee Fierro Alex Kintner : Jeffrey Voorhees Ben Gardner : Craig Kingsbury Medical examiner : Dr Robert Nevin Charlie : Robert Chambers Denherder : Edward Chalmers Jr Posner : P R Dube Polk : Robert Carroll A squad of mercenaries is sent to attack the stronghold of south-east Asia's most powerful drug lord and recover a computer disc containing vital information.

Action adventure, starring Lewis Collins and Lee Van Cleef. Director: Antonio Margheriti Cast List: Major Colby : Lewis Collins Col Mazzarini : Lee Van Cleef Henry Carlson : Donald Pleasence Mason/Hiccock : Manfred Lehmann Mc Pherson : Brett Halsey Ling : Chat Silayan Gutierrez : Hans Leutenegger Frank Williams : Christian Bruckner Father Christmas's ne'er-do-well son finds himself in hot water when he lands in jail - just as he is supposed to be mastering the art of delivering presents to wide-eyed youngsters around the world.

This time around, Gibson gets a girl after his own heart (cop Rene Russo with an equally impressive collection of battle scars), soon-to-retire partner Danny Glover looks more worried than ever, and Joe Pesci finds himself the butt of the duo's jokes.

Stuart Wilson, meanwhile, takes over from Joss Ackland as the obligatory imported British villain and enjoys himself immensely as the former cop-turned-monstrous crime lord. Director: Richard Donner Cast List: Martin Riggs : Mel Gibson Roger Murtaugh : Danny Glover Leo Getz : Joe Pesci Lorna Cole : Rene Russo Jack Travis : Stuart Wilson (1)Captain Murphy : Steve Kahan Trish Murtaugh : Darlene Love Rianne Murtaugh : Traci Wolfe Nick Murtaugh : Damon Hines Carrie Murtaugh : Ebonie Smith Tyrone : Gregory Millar Hatchett : Nick Chinlund Young cop : Jason Meshover-Iorg Herman Walters : Alan Scarfe Delores : Delores Hall Dr Stephanie Woods : Mary Ellen Trainor Billy Phelps : Mark Pellegrino Smitty : John Cenatiempo Hershel : Danny Wynands Jaywalker : Andrew Hill Newman Ernie/Detective : Kenneth Tigar First henchman/Hubie : Pete Antico Henchman : Sven-Ole Thorsen Henchman : Paul Tuerpe Squad member : Ronnie Alicino Squad member : Henry Brown Squad member : Eric Briant Wells Squad member : Miguel Nunez Squad member : Philip Moon Darryl : Bobby Wynn A slave named Django is tracked down by eccentric German bounty hunter Dr King Schultz, who offers him his freedom in exchange for help bringing three criminals to justice.

Since returning from Australia for the recent series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, rumours that Ant Mc Partlin's marriage to Lisa Armstrong is over have been rife.

After an angry Twitter user sent a rather abusive message to the Strictly Come Dancing make-up artist, Lisa hit back.

It's also credited with creating the summer blockbuster craze that Hollywood pins its financial hopes on every year. Corbett, Diane Cilento, Thora Hird & Michael Medwin.The veteran performer falls for his protege's sister, but finds his wild lifestyle comes between them.Steven Soderbergh's comedy drama, with Channing Tatum, Matthew Mc Conaughey, Olivia Munn and Alex Pettyfer.Winona Ryder is lumbered with playing the wedge that is driven between them - married to Nick but spied by Ronny canoodling with another man (Channing Tatum).So begins a gradual nervous breakdown as Ronny frets over the best course of action, while trying to convince his own long-time love (an impossibly tolerant Jennifer Connelly) that he is husband material.

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