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) There are two primary tools that have been used for determining this ranking.Firstly, I have used the Alexa rank of the website as the primary ranking method.The thing about these multiple author sites is that it starts to blur the boundary between a ‘blog’ and a ‘magazine’… We all have different goals and life experiences and we are also currently experiencing a range of different situations or circumstances in life.

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Which author has accomplished something that you would like to accomplish?One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the larger the site does not necessarily indicate that the site is of better quality.Generally, you will find that the larger sites have been around for longer and have more articles being crawled by Google and larger subscription bases.With the internet now a common place for everyone and the ‘free economy’ being born, it’s amazing to know that what was once hidden from the majority of people and limited to a select few people paying ,000 to access information at a weekend seminar, this information is now mostly widely available for free on the internet or at least at a much more affordable price.The key to all this information is being able to pull what’s relevant for you and being able to apply that information in a systematic and successful way that will lead you towards your desired life.

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    Influenced by the philosophy of Carl Rogers, affective education programs attempt to facilitate the emotional development of children in order to enhance the learning process, particularly focusing on self-esteem.

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