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bring some type of flotation device to be used for rescue in case someone falls into the surf.There is a strong rip current located next to the jetty.Many people have been swept off the rocks and injured or swept out to sea in the strong rip next to the jetty while attempting to walk out the jetty during high surf.The granite boulders are barnacle encrusted and urchin infested.This rip current is the strongest and most dangerous on the entire Texas coast, and on big days it can suck you out to the end of the jetty into the "pit" where the biggest waves will break, and likely wash you back onto the rocks.If you get caught in the rip, simply South Padre Island - the best beach in Texas!The tide range, or difference between high and low tide varies between 1 to 3 feet.

And there, it's just the two of you and anything can happen.

Riptides are found in channels, passes and cuts through which large volumes of water travel from the bay to the surf during the tidal exchange. Rip currents are commonly and mistakenly called riptides.

Longshore Currents are simply the current that moves along the beach, usually in the direction that the wind is blowing or the waves are breaking.

Rip currents are life-threatening to anyone entering the surf. Undertow is a concern mostly for weak swimmers or the unfortunate non-swimmer.

An undertow occurs when a wave is about to break on a shallow sandbar where a swimmer might be standing.

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