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The empty line is a signal to the interpreter that you are done with the loop block.

Look at the following example program In a file, where the interpreter does not need to respond immediately, the blank line is not necessary.

In the table below, statements are referred to by the numbers labeling the lines in the code above.

We can track the state of each variable after each line is executed. For instance after line 1 is executed, a value is given to x, but y is still undefined. The comment on the right summarizes what is happening.

You can download this listing as part of the Power Center : Useful Script files bundle.

Arun Paparaju is a senior consultant with Informatica Professional Services.

Basically, it queries the source Power Center repository and generates a batch file comprising of pmrep commands to update the various attributes of sequence generator transformations in a target Power Center repository.

The pattern of counting is simple, so simple in fact that you probably do not think consciously about how you go from one number to the next: You can describe the pattern by saying each successive number is It is important to understand the step-by-step changes during execution.

Below is another table showing the results of playing computer.

In an enterprise with multiple Power Center environments, there may be an occasional need to synchronize the Power Center Sequence generators between two repositories for a variety of reasons.

A classic example is when upgrading the Power Center environment to a higher version, it might be required to update the values of sequence generators in the newer version with the values from the older version at the time of cut over to ensure that the new environment has the most recent values.

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