Updating garmin 95xl

The cursor may be moved to locations on the page called fields which allow you to enter data or change options. · Cyclic fields allow selection from several available options.

A cyclic field is preceded by a prompt ( Pressing GOTO allows you to instantly define a destination GO TO waypoint and plot a course from present position to that destination.

The system is under development and is subject to changes which could affect the accuracy and performance of all GPS equipment.

Although the GPS 95 is a precision electronic NAVigation AID (NAVAID), any NAVAID can be misused or misinterpreted, and therefore become unsafe. To reduce the risk, carefully review and understand al TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE 1 INTRODUCING THE GARMIN GPS 95 1-1 1.1 Capabilities 1-1 1.2 Aviation Database 1-2 1.3 Basic Package 1-3 1.4 Optional Accessories 1-5 1.5 Operational Mode 1-6 2 GETTING STARTED 2-1 2.1 Front Panel 2-1 2.2 Softkey Operation 2-1 2.3 Cursor and Fields 2-2 2.4 Keypad Operation 2-2 2.5 Entering Data 2-4 2.6 Viewing Messages 2-5 2.7 Turning the GPS 95 On 2-5 2.8 Turning the GPS 95 Off 2-7 2.9 Learning to Use the GPS 95 2-8 3 WAYPOINTS AND AIRSPACES 3-1 3.1 Waypoint Categ 4 GETTING THERE FAST - GOTO 4-1 5 NAVIGATION INFORMATION 5-1 5.1 Navigation Summary Page 5-1 5.2 Map Display 5-3 5.3 Map Configuration 5-5 5.4 Present Position 5-6 5.5 Sample Trip 5-7 6 ROUTES 6-1 6.1 Route Definition 6-2 6.2 Creating and Copying Routes 6-3 6.3 Activating and Inverting Routes 6-4 6.4 Editing Routes 6-4 6.5 Deleting Routes 6-5 6.6 Active Route 6-5 6.7 Route List 6-6 TM 7 AUTOSTORE 7-1 TM 7.1 Creating Waypoints with Auto Store 7-1 TM 7.2 Building Routes with Auto Store 7-2 8 GPS STA 8.15 Density Altitude / True Airspeed / Winds Aloft 8-17 8.16 Trip and Fuel Planning 8-18 8.17 Date/Time Settings 8-20 8.18 Sunrise/Sunset Planning 8-21 8.19 Vertical Navigation Planning 8-22 9 SAMPLE TRIP USING ROUTES 9-1 10 SUA FEATURES EXPLAINED!

An optional PC kit is also available to download user waypoints and rou International Database covers Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Greenland.

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· Interfaces: Interface with PC-based moving map programs using NMEA 0183 output, with Differential GPS (DGPS) beacon receivers using RTCM (SC-104 version 2.0) input, or with marine autopilots and graphic plotters using NMEA 0180/0182/0183 outputs.When ordering your first update, a cable is also required for connection to a PC-compatible computer.(Order cable separately at time of purchase.) Database update software will automatically transfer the latest information into yo In order to track GPS satellites, the unit must be situated with the antenna pointed straight up and should not be blocked by objects or people.The GPS 95 represents our continued commitment to provide you with a portable navigation unit that is versatile, extremely accurate, and easy to use.We are confident you will enjoy using your unit for many years to come.

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