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Speed limits aren't just posted to make the drive from one Buc-ee's pit stop to the next a little longer. More people were killed in traffic accidents on Texas roads in 2016 (3,773 deaths) than in any year dating back to at least 2003, according to Texas Department of Transportation data.

The total represent a more than 5 percent increase from the prior year.

And, for a finale, the band left out “The Little Things That Give You Away,” the one brand-new song that they have frequently been closing shows with, and instead opted for one last jolt of galvanic energy with their most recent big hit, 2004’s “Vertigo.” (expanded to a sextet with three additional musicians) opened with an agreeable breezy 50 minutes, providing a strummy sound track as fans filled the seats.

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UPDATED: These are the best places to eat on a Texas road trip We asked our readers to share the speed traps where they've been popped for driving too fast or where they often see troopers with radar guns..posts-default .entry .posts-default img, .posts-default .entry-thumbnails-link .posts-default .entry-meta .posts-default .entry-thumbnails .posts-quick .entry-thumbnails img .posts-quick .entry-meta .featured .featured-article .featured-article img #controls #controls .featured-entry .featured-slideshow-inner .featured-stories-summary .single .entry-photo img, .single-post .entry-photo img .blog-name a . But his "In the Mix" column in the Weekend section ventures further afield, into books, movies, TV, the Internet, graphic novels and anything you might call "popular culture." on Sunday night beneath a starless sky at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia, the Irish rock band fired up the 50,000-strong fervent fans in attendance with four songs even older than that.The dark side of that was also explored, in blistering tracks such as “Bullet the Blue Sky” and “Exit,” a jagged guitar jam that plays as the weakest song on the album but that, prefaced with black-and-white clips from old westerns edited to poke fun at President Trump, came to life on Sunday thanks to the Edge’s five-alarm attack.Other performances of note: a robust “Red Hill Mining Town,” never performed live before this tour, but justly rescued by the album-in-its-entirety format.

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