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When not in jail, predators must wear ankle bracelets that track where they are.

Despite the board's findings, non-violent offenders remain listed and subject to a giant cobweb of controls.

America's registers keep swelling, not least because in 17 states, registration is for life. And it is fiendishly hard for anyone browsing the registry to tell the one from the other.

A local television station featured Ms Whitaker in a spot on local sex offenders, broadcasting a helpful map showing where she lives but leaving the specifics of the crime to each viewer's fearful imagination. “That's embarrassing.” What Ms Whitaker did is no longer a crime in Georgia.

One rule, championed by Georgia's House majority leader, banned them from living within 1,000 feet of a school bus stop. Thomas Brown, the sheriff of De Kalb county near Atlanta, mapped the bus stops in his patch and realised that he would have to evict all 490 of the sex offenders living there.

Other than the bottom of a lake or the middle of a forest, there was hardly anywhere in Georgia for them to live legally. Rape and child molestation are terrible crimes that can traumatise their victims for life.

Her husband, who worked for the county dog-catching department, moved with her, lost his job and with it their health insurance.

Thanks to a lawsuit filed by the Southern Centre for Human Rights, a group that campaigns against rough justice, Ms Whitaker won an injunction allowing her to return home.

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