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- via Instagram Mark is a self-described You Tuber and Snapchatter, but paired off with Ethan, his boyfriend of over three years now, they are about as cute as it gets.The couple’s highly-stylized Instagram pics feature everything from the two of them being adorable together, to dogs, and doughnuts. - via Instagram Full-time attorney and part-time model Julian Hernandez looks great without shirt, as you’ll see on his Instagram, but he’s never more appealing than when he and boyfriend Robb Marks share a sweet kiss or pose adorably together.- via Instagram Transgender activist and You Tuber Aydian Dowling and if you check out his Instagram page you’ll see plenty of reasons why he made the cover of Men’s Health magazine.If jumping pics aren’t your thing, then Nick and Aaron also have a fair amount of underwear pics to snag your interest.- via Instagram Entertainment guru Mark Malkin may be best known for his insider celeb stories on EOnline, but he and his boyfriend Fabian also know how to work a red carpet together.Look for loads of celebrity pics alongside shots of Mark and Fabian being fabulous.- via Instagram Tig Notaro, the comedian, and her girlfriend, the actress, Stephanie Allynne, starred in a documentary together about Tig's battle with cancer, and it's so great to see the couple doing well!A judge had ordered her committed to a mental health facility after she admitted she had been drinking too much.

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Although Jodie Foster was previously romantic with Cydney Bernard from 1993 until 2008, she has always remained private about her relationships.Billy Mc Knight said: 'As sad as it is, it didn¿t come as a major shock, because she¿s just been battling demons for so long.I was around her when she attempted suicide twice, so I knew it was in her' Leading lady: Mindy Mc Cready became an instant star in 1996 at age 20 with the release of her debut album 'Ten Thousand Angels.' She dated 'Lois and Clark' actor Dean Cain and was frequently seen on the red carpet Yellow crime-scene tape blocks off the home of Mindy Mc Cready in Heber Springs, Arkansas on Monday, February 18, 2013, the day after the country singer was found dead there Sunday in an apparent suicide This morning, the singer's ex-boyfriend spoke about her tragic suicide, admitting it didn't come as a shock to him after witnessing two previous attempts and because 'she still hadn't beaten her demons'.Criminal record: Mindy Mc Cready has been arrested multiple times - for a probation violation in 2005 (left), for allegedly assaulting her mother in 2007 (center) and for a probation violation shortly after that (right)Her biography on the show's page says: 'Although she was arrested and jailed for trying to buy Oxy Contin with a false prescription and attempted suicide with an overdose of drugs and alcohol, Mindy believes her only true addiction is to violent relationships.'Mc Cready had denied point blank any involvement in his death and she is not being treated as a suspect in the case.But police in Cleburne County are still investigating and have ruled nothing out.

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    Former House Speaker John Boehner spoke about Barack Obama's smoking addiction in a new interview.

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    AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin said they treated the plot as credible and there was an intention and 'quite possibly a capability' to carry it out.