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If he decides that it is not, that could open the way for US lawmakers to reimpose sanctions, leading to the potential collapse of the agreement.Trump said on Wednesday he had made his decision but was not yet ready to reveal it.Enough bloodshed, enough killing.'Trump's address was a mixture of calls for Israeli-Arab peace and a defense of Israel from threats in the region – including from terror groups allied with the Palestinian cause.'Israelis have experienced firsthand the hatred and terror of radical violence,' he said.'Israelis are murdered by terrorists wielding knives and bombs.The other signatories to the deal - Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and the EU - have all pushed for it to continue.

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Whether you want to meet latin women, latin men, entrepreneurs for networking or singles for dating, Migente is the best site for making an latin connection.Pictured, Iran displays a new multiple-warhead medium-range missile dubbed the Khoramshahr at a military parade in Tehran Previous Iranian missile launches have triggered US sanctions and accusations that they violate the spirit of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers.Iran, which fought a brutal war with neighboring Iraq in the 1980s, sees missiles as a legitimate and vital part of its defense - particularly as regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Israel import huge amounts of military hardware from the West.'I am telling you – that's what I do – they are ready to reach for peace.''Peace is possible if we put aside the pain and disagreements of the past and commit together to finally resolving this crisis, which has dragged on for nearly half a century or more,' he added.Trump leaned heavily on an emotional overture to pursue piece on behalf of the next generation of Israelis and Arabs, returning often to word-painting children on both sides of the conflict living in constant anxiety over a lack of safety on the ground.

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