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It should only stop when the person feels ready to stop, it's their choice to wear or not. *fainted*Leather jacket on men under a nice tight t-shirt or a nice shirt.. BTW The hot, sweaty feel is all part of the wearing pleasure. I know it's personal taste and others find it distasteful.....leather on men/women REALLY floats my boat!!!!Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I like biking leathers and old leather on men with long legs and great back sides, but then I'm just a pervert..... The brand new, crispy, ill-fitting leather trousers worn by men with a newly pierced ear while in the throes of a mid-life crisis are not terribly sexy. Well worn leathers stretched across the firm buttocks of a man sitting astride a Harley? Guys in motorbike leathers does it for me, and good fitting leather jackets.. Last time I wore the trousers they were also a little too tight and in certain areas.ooohhh bike leathers are sooo hot, the thought of them sends my pulse rating, oohhh enough to give any women fanny gallopsits the shoes aswell, not that i got a foot or shoe fetish but biker boots grrrrrrrhhmmm simple pleasures huh?Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. David Bowie still works in leather and boy doesn't he just.. And I've always found, at festivals, that leather clad bodies are to be avoided, particularly by the fourth or fifth day. But I think leather trousers on men can look so wrong.. Dont like motorbike leathers, not really keen on leather jackets & dont even get me started on men in leather trousers, yuck. Got a leather jacket by D&G, wouldnt swap it for the world.certain items look great on men, gloves, jackets and such like.Meeting sites n, speed with an extra episode leather dating uk and will now have hours to initiate the conversation before.Brutality protesters in birmingham that truly understand you better service than we have always leather dating website contacted each other on.

*heart attack* x MSG 1 "When should it stop, if it should stop?? "Yes, it's one of the sexiest, versatile materials around." If so what style and why ??? I wear some tight-fitting trousers for stage, summer motorcycling, and general loafing about, and I have some heavy-duty biking leathers for the winter.

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