Games women play while dating

If a guy has one of these patterns, yet he is self-reflective and working on his issues and crazy about you, he is a keeper. And what is he willing to do or change to have that special, lasting experience?

As you consider the answers to these questions you will have many ‘Aha’ experiences in understanding the minds of men.

They tease us with clever poems, daily texts and calls, only to turn around in the blink of an eye and completely disappear or disappoint us.

Their behavior can be confusing, frustrating and maddening.

Armed with this knowledge you can quickly get away from guys who are DUDs (Definitely Unworkable Dudes) or relationships that are truly dead-end or even destructive.

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Some of them are much more ingrained and difficult for the guy to overcome than others.

Understanding guys’ Deadly Dating Patterns is crucial not only to your success in creating the love you want, but also to your own self-esteem and happiness.

When you learn to clearly see who you are dealing with and understand his patterns:• You can free yourself from second-guessing about what you did wrong whenever a relationship falls apart.• You will be able to let go of thoughts like, “I should have told him how much I enjoyed the comedy club he picked out and that I would love to go again!

Like us, they have habitual ways of sabotaging themselves when it comes to romance and love.

Unfortunately, men often follow these same self-destructive dead-end patterns over and over again, sinking possibilities of love into the netherworld in the process.

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