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Being able to spot a phishing scam will help you avoid becoming a victim of one.

Here are some suggestions that will help: Another like-farming scam going around now is an urgent message warning people not to take a certain medication.

Facebook uses an algorithm to track users so it can provide targeted ads.

It keeps track if you click "like" on something, or tag photos from specific locations and uses this information for marketing purposes.

Facebook has become a social media giant since it launched in 2004.

The site is so popular, there are approximately 2 billion active monthly users worldwide. With that incredible number of active users, the site is bound to be a major target for cybercriminals.

NPR then had a company that specializes in phone fraud call the number that showed up in the Google search.

The problem with these ads is many people believe they are real business models because Facebook allows them on your News Feed.

Once Facebook shows you a targeted ad, it should be safe to assume it's not a scam. As long as the ad isn't promoting an illegal venture, it can make it through the vetting process.

Many of these work-from-home posts are just scams, trying to convince users to open an account with a specific broker.

The person who created the post on Facebook gets paid a commission when they get new users to sign-up.

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