Christian men dating jewish women

I am a jewish woman who never dated out of my faith until 4.5 years ago, when I started to see my current b/f.

My parents were insane when they realized he wasn't jewish.

Everyone on this board is aware of the fact that he's been a bit stunted professionally for the past 4 years (so alpha can rest assured I am not a gold digger) - but I truly believe that will finally resolve in the next few weeks. Why would women want to date jewish men just because they're supposedly wealthy and treats their women right?

AND he has stuck it out despite my family being just about as hellacious as they can be to him. I think alot of men treat their women right if they grew up with great family and mothers who they respect.

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I think some of these women get away with murder since the jewish guy is a good family guy. Have you found jewish-husband seeking cougars other men would not bother with? (a family friend met a very nice christian woman on JDate) The theory is that jewish mothers are so overbearing, they have raised their sons to treat women well.Truth is I am not likely to ever go out with another jewish be honest, I'd never really though of dating a Jewish man when I was single, mostly because where I grew up, you couldn't swing a cat by it's tail without hitting a Catholic. however, the standard for a longterm relationship is based on what kind of person that guy is, be he Jewish or not, ethic or not.I mean my family is buddhist and my uncle is as respecting to his mother as they come.So being Jewish wouldn't exactly play any role except maybe they just attract alot of gold diggers? The guy I'm casually seeing is jewish, but I never really thought about his religion until he had brought it up.

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