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Important note: The story deals with a relationship of infatuation between two cousins from 17 years of age to 19 years of age. Since they were of a modest background, on the appointed date, they traveled by three tier non air-conditioned train from Delhi to Howrah station. My Dad was a Senior executive in a large company and was endowed with reasonable wealth. And inexorably the topic wavered back to girl friend and boy friend. Aaroe chumu kha." ("Be stronger and more insistent.The reference to 17 years of age is only to place the context of the growing relationship. At that point of time, my family was the only one who could offer to pick Mintu and Mamababu from the station. In that close space lying close to each other, we got physically close. All I could do was to remain restless and want more kisses. Don't let off the pressure and flow.") Mintu launched himself into a shower of kisses onto my face and lips and eyes.The act of incest takes place ONLY AFTER both are 19 years old and thus both are above the age of consent. Since I was not too good in studies and more interested in meeting people and being nice in the traditional Bengali sense, I was dispatched by my Mother to the station with the car and bring them home for their trip. Any Indian would know what the Ambassador car was like. I must confess that several times during the 6 hour chat sessions, his hand may have strayed over my body. ") Now I could feel that Mintu's ascetic reluctance was breaking down. ") I was amazed at the sheer strength of his arms and the positive feeling from those kisses. He wrapped his powerful arms around my torso and pulled me into her grip and kissed strongly and positively. I told him, "Tor jeeb ta amaar mukher modhhey dieye de." ("Do some French kissing.") Mintu was a quick learner.It was nothing but the Morris Oxford model of 1950s of UK. Likewise my hands definitely brushed his several times. Let me demonstrate what a kiss ought to be.") I kissed him on his face and once on his lips and left off and said, "Kee ray. I was breaking into his male fortress and the dam of passion was boiling in him too. This time passionately on my lips and on my face and eyes. I could feel the nectar of his mouth flowing into my mouth and I was trembling with desire.இது கற்பனைகதை இல்லை.ஒவ்வொரு வார்த்தையும் உண்மை.என் பெயர் முத்து. ட்வின் டவர் போல் சற்று கூட சாயாத‌கூர்மையான முலைகள்.

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சிறிது நேரத்திற்கு பிறகு, அவள் "வா, நான் பாத்ரூம் போகணும்"என்றாள்.

It truly means who you may hold hands with, steal an occasional kiss and talk to possible life long coupling.

(And by the way, in the Bengali context, the word friend in this situation means a lot more than friend.

Sooner than later, the main topic was whether I have any boyl friend and likewise, whether he has any girl friend.

I went into the guest room or invited Mintu into my room and chatted.

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